Whistleblowing System

PT Petro Oxo Nusantara continuously committed to implement of GCG (Good Corporate Governance) principles in every corporate governance process. Upholding the values of transparency, accountability, independence and equality are the foundations in carrying out our duties & obligations.

In order to realize this commitment, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara implements a Whistleblowing System to provide media to all PT Petro Oxo Nusantara personnel and other stakeholders to participate in efforts to create good corporate governance in accordance with existing regulations, values & ethics.

Through the Whistleblowing System, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara personnel and other stakeholders can make reports/complaints/complaints regarding alleged violations of applicable principles, values, and regulations based on accountable evidence. Where later on the report will be followed up by the PT Petro Oxo Nusantara Whistleblowing Team who will continue to maintain & guarantee the privacy of the Whistleblower's identity.

The actions that need to be reported are:

  • Acts that violate the laws and regulations; relevant industry regulations/standards and the organization's internal regulations.
  • Violating the law: forging signatures, corruption, bribery, embezzlement, theft, mark-ups, drug and alcohol use, sexual harassment, destruction of property.
  • Violating applicable accounting principles.
  • Actions that cause financial/non-financial losses.
  • Actions that endanger work safety, etc.

The reporting mechanism can be submitted through the complaint box or reported through:

  • e-mail : wbpetrooxo@pon.co.id
  • Letter : PT Petro Oxo Nusantara WBS Team - Jl. Gubernur Suryo No. 134, Tlogopojok, Gresik, 61118
  • Phone / WhatsApp : 081-1340-3513

Reporting Form: