Business Committee

To support the functions and duties, the Board of Directors has established a Business Committee which is responsible for the Company`s business functions, including but not limited to purchasing raw materials, purchasing catalysts, selling products and chartering vessels. The establishment of this Business Committee is based on the Deed of Decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders No. 73, dated July 21, 2021, drawn up before Notary Jose Dima Satria, S.H., M.Kn.

The Business Committee consists of 3 (three) members from the Company`s Board of Directors consisting of one chairman and members representing each shareholder. The composition of the Business Committee in 2021 consists of:

  • Antonius Jaya Martapa as Chairman
  • Tjiptany as a Member representing PT Pandita Ratu
  • Omar Baginda Pane as Member representing PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries