2022 "Kampung Bersih" Competition

In order to celebrate the 24th anniversary of PT Petro Oxo Nusantara, the company held a "Kampung Bersih" Competition to increase public awareness of cleanliness in the Company's Ring 1 area. In this clean village competition, as many as 6 RT from Tlogopojok Village & 8 RTs from Lumpur Village participated in this competition. The evaluation criteria in the "Kampung Bersih" Competition are 1. Cleanliness 2. Greening 3. Drainage 4. Energy Saving 5. Respond to Covid-19 6. Art

In this competition, representatives from Gresik District, representatives from the Gresik Regency Environmental Service, & representatives from the Environment Division from PT Petro Oxo Nusantara were also participated as the Jury Council for the 2022 "Kampung Bersih" Competition.

It is hoped that through this competition, the level of public awareness of cleanliness will be higher and foster a sense of mutual cooperation among residents, especially in the Tlogopojok Village & Lumpur Village.