PON Holds Iftar Events Between Director and Employee

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PON held a iftar between the Board of Directors and PON employees, which was led directly by the President Director of Petro Oxo Nusantara (PON), Mr. Jaya Martapa. Right after the Maghrib call to prayer was resounded ,Mr. Jaya gave a short discourse about love for the country and self-reflection. "A simple example of self-reflection is to carry out your duties well, get along with colleagues, willing to accept input, willing to learn and willing to discuss", said Mr. Jaya.

Mr. Jaya also added, "and because of that, it will make PON stronger and better and PON will grow bigger. With progress, PON will pay more taxes for the progress of the Republic of Indonesia. I remind everyone to never get tired of loving Indonesia, like whatever the conditions, we must do our best, for our beloved Indonesia".