Visitation from Directorate General of State Asset

On Thursday (17/6) Members of the Directorate General of State Assets Mr. Rionald Silaban as Director General of State Assets, & Mr. Meirijal Nur as Director of State Assets Separated made a working visit to PT Petro Oxo Nusantara. Also, present were Mrs. Sumiyati as Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance who during this event acted as President Commissioner of PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries, Mr. Sukriyanto as President Director of PT Tuban Petrochemical Industries and from PT Pertamina Indonesia Refinery Mr. Suwahyanto as Director of Infrastructure Projects. The guest was greeted directly by the Board of Directors and Managers of PT Petro Oxo Nusantara.

On that occasion, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara gave an explanation regarding the development of PT Petro Oxo Nusantara which was given directly by Mr. Jaya Martapa as the President Director. In Mr. Jaya's presentation, he emphasized on the financial performance development of PT Petro Oxo Nusantara which was very significant in 2021. In 1 semester, PT Petro Oxo Nusantara recorded sales of up to USD 215 million. It is hoped that in the future PT Petro Oxo Nusantara can always develop by implementing the core value of 'To the Next Level' which is developing products, expanding markets, and quality human resources. After going through a question-and-answer session, the event was closed with a symbolic gift giving ceremony by Mr. Jaya Martapa to Mr. Rionald Silaban and Plant Tour event showing the factory area of PT Petro Oxo Nusantara which was attended by all guests and Board of Directors.

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